Hotel & Resorts
GREEN EFFICIENCYMICRO-NANOGRIDSGREEN EFFICIENCY Enhance local power supply, even when grid is off; Allows more power than batteries can supply; Increase the lifetime of the storage batteries; Allow the elevators energy recovery when going down; Allow all renewable energy supply to the hotel facilities also when night or no wind. Take action as emergency power when ambient conditions are adverse to batteries or they are damaged; Decrease [...] MORE
Renewable energy production
WIND ENERGYSOLAR ENERGYWIND ENERGY In wind generation, CapTop provides module solutions used as reserve power supplies for wind turbine pitch control system, improving reliability, safety and reducing maintenance. SOLAR ENERGY In solar concentration systems, supercapacitors are used as backup power supplies to pilot the heliostat. In case of equipment failure, the heliostat control system with [...] MORE
Supercaps can store and provide energy with high specific power : they can work at very high power, for short periods of time, without damaging their parts. Supercaps are perfect for the applications where high power is required for a short time and where the maintenance must be reduced. In some instance, supercaps can replace [...] MORE
Public transport
FAST RECHARGING PURELY CAPACITIVE VEHICLESRAILWAY SYSTEMFAST RECHARGING PURELY CAPACITIVE VEHICLES CapTop is developing an ultra-fast recharge for purely capacitive vehicles (electric vehicles without batteries) that exploits the International Patent WO2008020463A2. Vehicles that do repetitive tasks, like city bus trip, airport shuttle, school bus, waste management truck and forklift in a port or in a factory, [...] MORE
Commercial SC-based solutions for specific task are available for both internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric cars. They range from aids to jump start or start/stop in ICE models to regenerative braking in hybrid and BEVs. On plug-in hybrid bus, braking energy recovery system composed of supercapacitor modules can absorb and store the energy produced at [...] MORE