In view of the type of market in which we operate, its context and the possible changes, as well as the risks and associated opportunities, its changing needs and expectations, cells, modules and energy delivery systems electrical by means of supercapacitors that we design, manufacture, install and service, management and operational processes of our dimension and organizational structure and the very peculiarity of our Clients, we believe that the control of the factors that affect the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes, compliance with the functional requirements of our products, continuity
operational company and compliance with legislation and current legislation, constitutes our foundation that on the one hand allows us to look to the future with serenity and with the awareness of representing a Company of reference, and on the other encourages us to do always better and more. Therefore, we consider it imperative not only to guarantee our processes and products made those quality requirements which make them fully compliant with the requirements and expectations of Clients and Interested Parties and with the requirements legislative and regulatory applicable, but we also intend to ask ourselves so that our concreteness, professionalism is appreciated, seriousness and attention to quality, acting in order to create trust relationships, based on the recognition of our competence, seriousness and reliability.

That said, we are committed to the following objectives and targets:

  • constantly collaborate with the Customer to manage in the most favorable conditions the activities necessary for the design, the manufacture, installation and technical support of cells, modules and electricity supply systems by means of Supercapacitors in order to meet all its needs and expectations, with a view to its maximum satisfaction and benefit reciprocal;- pay constant attention to the needs and satisfaction of all Interested Parties and to communication with them;
  • comply with applicable laws and regulations;
  • improve our ability to acquire orders, through a more understanding and targeted relationship with the Clients and presence on market;
  • design, manufacture, install and assist cells, modules and systems of electricity supply by means of supercapacitors comply with the requirements specified for them, in compliance with legal and regulatory constraints and in compliance with our financial objectives and time frame, taking into account the distribution of available human resources and infrastructure;
  • reduction of risks to business continuity and compliance with the functional requirements of cells, modules and electricity supply by means of supercapacitors and increase of opportunities;
  • involve and motivate all and at all levels to achieve the objectives and targets set, as well as to improve continuous performance of our company for quality and elimination of internal and external inefficiencies and conditions prejudicial to quality;
  • ensure the professional growth of all for an increasing professionalism and promote and implement activities of training, training and awareness-raising of staff at all levels according to the objectives and targets set and that to enable it to operate in accordance with established rules;
  • systematically verify the adequacy and effectiveness, as well as the efficiency, of our management and operational processes, as well as established behavioural rules so that we can find ever greater satisfaction in the performance of our activities;
  • ensure the availability of plant, equipment, machinery, equipment, measuring instruments and technical and safety equipment through targeted investment and maintenance management;
    establish and implement all appropriate measures to combat the spread of pandemic viruses, both for the safety of Staff and their Family members, both for the protection of the Community in the broad sense and for the purpose of business continuity that Clients expect it to;
  • involve the Supplier as an integral part of our Company in achieving the set quality levels and
    to make them liable to our Clients.

In order to achieve these strategic objectives and to translate them into operational objectives, all Functional Managers are assigned specific objectives monitored and, where possible, measured, with a frequency consistent with the objective itself and in any case such as allow their review in order to ensure their adequacy, consistency, controllability and measurability in the course of System Management for the Quality.

At the same time, in order to encourage the involvement of all of you, everyone is called to identify objectives that are consistent with these and to enable them to be achieved. These objectives are also examined in the course of reviews of the Quality Management System for their feasibility, consistency, measurability and relevance to this Policy, as well as the commitments to the identified in relation to financial planning and investments already established or to be established accordingly
the same indications that will be received in this regard.

In defining our operational objectives, each of us is called not only to pursue the centrality of the Client and his maximum satisfaction and compliance of activities and products with the requirements specified for them, but also continuous improvement performance of our company.

In this regard, as Management I am committed to ensuring you the necessary support to achieve all those goals that we you will propose consistently with those we have set and to ensure all the necessary resources to support the effective operation and monitoring of our management and operational processes and to facilitate all the conditions necessary to pursue this Policy and achieve the strategic objectives set.

To this end, we believe it is important to commit ourselves to implementing, maintaining and continuously improving our Quality management so that it prevents any deficiencies of our management and operational processes and that autonomously take corrective and preventive actions for those activities that affect the quality management of our Company and the compliance of cells, modules and systems of electricity supply by means of supercapacitors that we are calling to realize, so business continuity and compliance with the functional requirements of our products.

Date 07.03.2021