CapTop is developing an ultra-fast recharge for purely capacitive vehicles (electric vehicles without batteries) that exploits the International Patent WO2008020463A2.

Vehicles that do repetitive tasks, like city bus trip, airport shuttle, school bus, waste management truck and forklift in a port or in a factory, run for a short route and repetitively stop at the same places, where there is the opportunity to perform a fast recharge during such stops, provided the vehicle has a SC storage on board.

No need for high power availability at the point of charge. Stationary SC storage is responsible for the fast energy transfer to the vehicle, and then recharging it more slowly with the available grid power (and/or solar panels).

The supercapacitor power storage modules produced by CapTop recover the energy otherwise wasted during train stops and provide high power during train start and acceleration, reducing electricity (or fuel) consumptionimproving grid interaction and performance, and mainly reducing travelling time from one stop to the next.