• Enhance local power supply, even when grid is off;
  • Allows more power than batteries can supply;
  • Increase the lifetime of the storage batteries;
  • Allow the elevators energy recovery when going down;
  • Allow all renewable energy supply to the hotel facilities also when night or no wind.
  • Take action as emergency power when ambient conditions are adverse to batteries or they are damaged;
  • Decrease generator fuel consumption;
  • Better quality of the local electrical supply.

Supercap power storage modules at Hotels & Resorts supports the green and efficient electricity supply.

Together with batteries they can be charged by the grid, by a generator engine or photovoltaic and wind systems. Local storages are useful for hotels & resort, especially when located in small islands where a grid connection is not available or in countries having frequent black-outs.

The micro-nanogrids can be an application for hotel and resorts.

CapTop cooperates with the ComESto project consortium (Community Energy Storage), funded by EU, that aims to the design and realization of an electrical nanogrid to be installed in communities (prosumers) that may manage energy production (i.e. PV) and loads (i.e. climatization) and may be connected to the main grid or work offline.