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Who We Are

CapTop s.r.l.

CapTop, spin-off company of the Federico II University of Naples, has the industrial capabilities and the scientific competences to lead the product and process innovation of the world class supercapacitor scene. We are the first supercapacitor tech-company in Italy and among the first in the world to have the 3V supercapacitor cell line product, besides the ‘classic’ 2.7V products, available as cells form 1 to 5000F or as modules from 16V to 100V, for building the projected capacity.

At CapTop we have solutions for the main supercapacitor applications and our team is working to deliver solutions for new use cases, especially in the automotive and micro-grid storage.

Energy storage for UPS or grids

SCs have been widely used as backup power supply for the data transmission units and actuator equipment, which requires long lifetime, high reliability, free of maintenance, and wide working temperature. Usually, those applications have small storages because they are intended to avoid micro-power shortages that may damage

High power density demanding applications

SCs have been widely applied to blade pitch control of wind turbines. Their huge power density overwhelms the performance of electrochemical batteries for such application where the power is required for a short time and the maintenance is reduced. CapTop provides solutions for such market.


Commercial SC-based solutions for specific task are available for both internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric cars. They range from aids to jump start or start/stop in ICE models to regenerative braking in hybrid and BEVs.

Public transportation

A special feature that always creates a favourable situation for SCs versus batteries is the charging speed, allowing pure SC mobility applications. There are many situations, in which vehicles do repetitive tasks, like city bus trip, airport shuttle, school bus, waste management truck and forklift in a port or in a factory.

Among the first companies in the world to produce 3V supercapacitors


Research projects