Customized power for every your application!

CapTop provides a consulting and products customization service, building modules and systems ad hoc for each of your application.

Our team of highly qualified experts will follow you step by step, from the design to the post-sales, ensuring a product perfectly in line with your needs.

The procedure is easy and fast!

Once we received your request with the product customization specifications, our experienced team analyses it and creates a design, sending you a CAD rendering. After we received your feedback and your sign-off, the team builds your customized products.

What does CapTop customize for you?

Our experts custom voltage and/or capacitance in the modules, according to different needs of  in each your specific application. In the our modules we custom also the communication protocol for the oversight and diagnostic of the failure. Moreover, we custom the ESR providing SC cells with lower ESR to modules for applications required greater power.

Our systems are fully customizable and achievable according to customer requirements.






CapTop ensures:

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