CapTop was selected among the 100 best innovative solutions for the ecological transition in Europe, in the initiative The Arch 2022-2023, co-organized by EBN (European Business and Innovation Network) and IASP (International Association of Science Parks).

We took part in the call of ecological transition with our innovative project “Opportunity charging system”, an ultra-fast charging system for purely capacitive vehicles. The solution for public scheduled transport or for sustainable proximity vehicles (post office, waste, school buses, deliveries, tourism, shuttles) has as its main innovation the fact that charging can take place automatically, frequently and in a few seconds thanks to the combined use of two supercap accumulators: one on board the vehicle and the other on the ground near a stop.

We are pleased that our technology has been chosen. We believe that our fully capacitive vehicles have a positive impact on the energy transition. In fact, the basic technology on which they are built is based on state-of-the-art energy storage, supercaps. The latter are made of non-toxic components and do not have an impact on the environment and human health. In addition, CapTop has filed a patent for a non-toxic solvent derived from biowaste  (Patent No. 102020000006766). This replaces the traditional acetonitrile used in supercap accumulator cells allowing easy disposal and recycling at the end of life, thanks to the total lack of toxic chemicals.

We are ready to face the challenge proposed by The Arch together with the other participating companies.

A European event to accelerate innovation in terms of ecological transition?

This is the ambition of THE ARCH team, who conceived this innovative idea to identify and reveal 100 solutions around Europe.

For the project creators aiming to favour ecological transition, such an initiative presented a wonderful opportunity!

Following the themes of town & housing, food & health, mobility, energy and industry, more than 250 responded to the call for solutions launched by the organisers of THE ARCH in partnership with the European innovation networks ATLANPOLE, IASP and EBN*.

From 18 countries, and covering all these themes chosen by THE ARCH, 100 solutions have been selected by the jury of experts, based on the following criteria:

  • The durability of innovation
  • The strength of the team
  • The potential impact to accelerate ecological transition
  • The business model and scaling up

For the creators-inventors, the big adventure begins…

On the 17th of March in Nantes, the list of 100 winning solutions was presented during a special reception with the economic, institutional and media partners of the event.

On the 18th of March Francis Joyon, the famous French skipper committed to THE ARCH, set sail from Nantes aboard his mythical Maxi Trimaran ICED SPORT, to weave the web between the European cities partnered with THE ARCH.

From the 18th of March to the 31st of May, on its tour from Nantes to Saint-Nazaire, by way of Copenhagen, Hamburg, Malaga, Marseille, Ajaccio, Naples, Athens, Malta and Lisbon, it will symbolically collect the winning solutions. In parallel with this tour, 10 solutions will be unveiled each week so that partners and the general public can discover the contents of these innovative projects.

Between the 1st and the 2nd of June, these solutions will be presented in the harbour of Saint-Nazaire, in front of Canopée, the first sailing cargo. The ship, designed by the consortium Zéphyr & Borée and Jifmar, is exemplary of French performance in terms of ecological transition in maritime transport and symbolises the excellence of innovation. After THE ARCH, Canopée will be used by ArianeGroup to carry elements of the rocket between France and French Guyana.

From the 2rd to the 6th of June, between Saint-Nazaire and Amsterdam, The Arch Meetings will bring together committed stakeholders for a forum dedicated to ecological transition abord Euribia – a new generation vessel built in Saint-Nazaire. Assisted by experts, these original meetings will bring together 3000 company directors and their staff, the solution creators, young people and associations in order to understand, learn, work and commit their organisations to the challenge of ecological transition. All will have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and will contribute to highlighting solutions, while developing them together.

The grand finale of this unique event will take place in Brussels on the 7th of June in the European parliament, where the solutions will be submitted to their representatives. An exceptional opportunity to send a strong message to the decision-makers on the initiatives proposed by European citizens!

A word about THE ARCH

THE ARCH is a non-profit general interest association led by 5 people with exemplary backgrounds in maritime and economic fields: Patrick Boissier, Francis Vallat, Yves Gillet, Jean-Marie Biette and Frédéric Marchand. THE ARCH association entrusts the agency Profil Grand Large, headed by Damien Grimont, with the design and the organisation of its event, The Arch.

To organise The Bridge event in 2017, the same team exclusively chartered and fully privatised the Queen Mary 2 and brought together more than 250 companies, dozens of institutional and associative stakeholders and almost 70 experts for a forum on the “World of Tomorrow” on board Queen Mary 2 between Saint-Nazaire and New York.

Part of the content taken from Press Release –

100 Solutions for The Planet THE ARCH

March 2023