Electric bus in La Spezia with “Supercapacitor”

Electric bus in La Spezia with "Supercapacitor"
Supercapacitor is a capacitor that eliminates traditional batteries and offers decidedly superior performance. They designed it at the Polytechnic of Milan and for now it is being tested on buses. It could soon attract the attention of car manufacturers and revolutionize the electric drive mobility sector.
The capacitor was historically known as a tool of considerable power, but unable to store energy. The novelty lies in this.
The supercapacitor accumulates energy thanks to the use of a magnetic field, eliminates the need to charge huge lithium-ion batteries on the vehicle, which are heavy and harmful to the environment.
The E-Co Engineering company of Aosta has built and installed this system on the SmartBus, which circulate along the streets of La Spezia and at the end of the line they find the electrical system to fill up.
The advantages over lithium batteries are remarkable.
The supercapacitor weighs "only" 500 kilos. Such a low weight allows the vehicle to consume less.
Then there is the practically zero environmental impact, zero emissions. In addition, unlike the batteries, the external temperatures do not exert any influence, the vehicle can operate regardless of the weather conditions.
If you want to imagine installing a supercapacitor on an automobile, you can make a comparison with Tesla's performance. A Tesla vehicle with a 60 kWh battery takes an average of 30 minutes to recharge, and full of energy allows it to travel approximately 375 kilometers.
The same vehicle equipped with a supercapacitor could travel the same distance after storing the necessary energy in just 4-5 minutes, instead of half an hour.
And again: the supercapacitor lasts 10 times longer than batteries. According to the creators, in the future the Supercapacitor will become even more powerful thanks to the development of nanotechnologies.
SOURCE: juorno.it