3.0V Cell WL Series


CapTop 3.0V Cell WL Series refers to our exclusive premium cells, whose terminal design is welding laser (WL).

They are characterized by high operative voltage (3.0 V) and they are available with a capacitance range from 650 F to 5,000 F.

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SKU: CTC 0XXX0C0 0003V0 WL00
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CapTop 3.0V Cell WL Series is suitable for applications like EV/HEV, hybrid drive trains, heavy duty machinery, locomotive engine startup system, mass transportation braking energy recovery system and wherever high power is required for short time.

Additional information

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Volt (V) / Capacità (F)

3V/650 F, 3V/1200 F, 3V/1500 F, 3V/2000 F, 3V/3000 F, 3V/5000 F